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Maple Syrup
Sugaring season here in Massachusetts usually starts in mid February and lasts until about the last week in March.  The sap starts flowing when the warm days return and the nights still cool down just a little below the freezing point.  It is this fluctuation in temperature that gets the sap moving up to the tree limbs to feed the buds that will eventually make the leaves.  The sugar content of the sap will vary day to day and season to season but generally is around 2%.  This means that about 43 gallons of water will be boiled down to get 1 gallon of syrup. There are many new innovations in maple syrup production that help the sugar maker produce maple syrup faster and cheaper. The only draw back is that the taste is compromised.  It is still pure maple syrup but in our opinion just doesn't taste the way it should.  Here at Harms Family Farm we will not compromise the taste of our syrup.  We do not use fancy reverse osmosis filtering machines as we feel that they take a lot of the flavor out.  With reverse osmosis the sap boils about 4 or 5 times shorter making syrup that just tastes watered down. Filter presses are another no no. The syrup is squeezed through 7 layers of paper taking out all those minuet flavor crystals. I like to use a simple piece of cloth, it takes out most all the grit and leaves a taste that is truly syrup at its finest and that you just can't get in the stores.
    Another important thing to consider is the grade of syrup desired. This all comes down to personal preference. We sell syrup in 3 grades. Grade A Amber which has a light hint of maple flavor that I say is like liquid candy. Grade A Dark which combines a little more maple flavor with a little less sweetness. Grade A Very Dark(formerly grade B) which many places call cooking grade, has a stronger maple flavor that is good for flavoring recipes, but many prefer it over the lighter syrup for pancakes if they crave that robust flavor. I like grade A Dark but my lovely wife prefers just about the darkest syrup she can find. It is all high quality and just comes down to what you like. We hope you enjoy! 
Prices for maple syrup listed below are for pickup at the farm. Farmers market prices will vary depending on our time and effort to get out to them. Grades available are A Amber, A Dark, and A Extra Dark(Formerly grade B).  All grades are the same price.  All plastic jugs are BPA free #2 plastic.  Contact us for wholesale pricing.

​1 gallon          plastic $70
​                       glass $70

1/2 gallon       plastic $40
                        glass $40

Quart             plastic$25

Pint                plastic $15

1/2 Pint          plastic $10
                      glass $10

Delicious, Local, Pure Maple Syrup, Grade A Amber, Grade A Dark, Grade A Very Dark (formerly Grade B)

Luke working the fire box
The first boil 2013
Building the wood shed 2013
Awesome wood stackers! Lukes dad Larry and his friends Jim and Tim
Building the Sugar House
December 2012
To inquire about or order maple syrup please email us at